Dart Version 2.0 is Out

Dart, the programming language behind the Google’s cross-platform app development framework Flutter, has hit a new milestone. The programming language, as announced on Medium back in February, has reached to the version 2.0 after being in preview state for around a month.

The Dart 2, for those unfamiliar with, was already declared as the default language for Flutter and Fuchsia OS with a prime focus on the client-side development of mobile and web apps. This has created a hype in the market as the Flutter app developers would be able to reuse a major part of the codebase with the release of Dart new version.

When talking about Dart vs Dart 2, the newer dart programming language version has two major updates for the developers:-

Originally termed as ‘Strong mode’, this sound static type system will empower the Flutter app developers to employ both static and runtime checks for catching errors. This, in turn, will help to ensure that the code written is type safe (static type elucidation are correct at runtime) and make the refactoring tools and code completion process better.

  • Newer Method of Creating an Instance of a Class

Another interesting change for Flutter app development companies is the possibility of creating an instance of a class without the ‘new’ keyword. This will make the Flutter code easier to type, faster to read, and less cumbersome, adding a plus point to Flutter in the battle of Flutter vs React Native.

Apart from these, there is a myriad of newer changes to Flutter Dart 2 which the Flutter app developers can see in the official changelog or find out themselves by downloading the latest Dart version from here.


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