CryptoBiz halts automated staking withdrawals following some technical glitch and development issue

Pertaining to some wallet transfer issues (Staking Wallet to Main Wallet), CryptoBiz has currently withheld all automated staking withdrawal options from its existing website for next 72 hours. The decision came after the platform received hundreds of notifications and emails from users across. With the recently launched Pro Version, the company stated that this is a development-related issue and our team is already working round-the-clock to fix this issue.

Speaking of the current technical issues faced by its users, founder Rahul Rathod said, “With over 350k active users on our platform, it becomes physically and virtually impossible to process every withdrawal request manually as it is a tedious and time-consuming process, hence we have decided to halt the automated-withdrawals for the next 72 hours until we rectify this issue completely”.

“CryptoBiz has always been a user-friendly and people-driven platform.

Over the past year, we have grown from a small community to a massive family and none of our users have faced any issues. Please keep in mind, your profits shall continue as per your Staking Package as we solve these glitches inside 72 hours. Apart from Staking Withdrawals, all the other functions of the Exchange are active and running properly – INR Deposits/Withdrawals, Staking Deposits are all functional”, he further stated.

Meanwhile, the team at CryptoBiz is already looking into solving the issue as soon as possible to restore its services and offer users with seamless withdrawal options. Users can continue enjoying withdrawal options after 72 hours after a network update.

“This is a company press release that is not part of editorial content. No journalist of The Hindu was involved in the publication of this release.”

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