Course on Fundamentals Of Data Science Programming Using R

Manorama Horizon is offering a short-term course on fundamentals of Data Science Programming from December 20 to 22. The workshop will be held from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

The course aims to build a foundation in R and learn how to wrangle, analyze, and visualize data. The registration fee for the workshop is Rs 900. Manorama Horizon will also issue e-certificates to students, following the completion of the course.

Areas to be covered

Day 1
• Introduction to data science – Significance and scope, How to become a data scientist and Frameworks and programming languages in data science
• Introduction to R programming – Familiarization of basic operations in R and Variables, basic data types and managing data

Day 2
• Dealing with data in R – Dataframes, vector, matrices etc
• Conditional statements and looping in R programming

Day 3
• Vectorization – Significance of vector operations in R and apply () family of functions
• Data wrangling using R – Perform basic operations such as select, filter mutate etc on real data sets to do basic analysis on data

Candidates who have passed Class 12 with Mathematics as one of the subjects can apply for the course.

Visit to register.

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