Charlie Health Launches Virtual IOP Services in Michigan to Provide Life-Saving Behavioral Health Treatment to Young People and Families in Crisis

BOZEMAN, Mont., Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Charlie Health, the largest provider of virtual intensive outpatient programming (IOP) for young people and families in crisis, announces its expansion into Michigan. At a time when nearly one in five Michigan youth have at least one mental health condition, Charlie Health is providing an accessible solution through its effective and personalized care model. (JAMA Pediatrics)

“There are several barriers to mental healthcare in the state of Michigan, with more than 5.2 million Michiganders living in areas that have a shortage of mental health professionals,” shares Carter Barnhart, CEO and Co-Founder of Charlie Health. (Kaiser Family Foundation)

“Industry-wide barriers including transportation, waiting times, and cost have all prevented youth and families from receiving the care they need. Through our virtual IOP model, we’re helping young people and families heal.”

“It’s time for a new solution in Michigan,” says Allison Walsh JD, VP of Clinical Outreach at Charlie Health. “The youth mental health and suicide crisis is palpable here, with a 70% increase in young adult suicides since 2000. This uptick, however, has not been met with an increase in treatment options. We know from working with communities across the country that youth mental health services are too limited, which only exacerbates this epidemic. Charlie Health is here to reverse these trends and expand access to life-saving care, one client at a time.” (Citizens Research Council of Michigan)

Recently, Charlie Health published a study in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania that demonstrates the efficacy of virtual IOP. Based on data collected over the course of nine months from 495 adolescent clients, researchers found a 71% decrease in suicidal ideation, a 60% decrease in depressive symptoms, and a 58% decrease in self-harm upon discharge from Charlie Health’s program.

Charlie Health’s virtual IOP combines evidence-based groups, family therapy, and individual therapy into care plans that allow clients to heal from home, effectively eliminating all traditional barriers to care. The program matches peers based on age, mental health history, and lived experiences. As peer-reviewed research has found, Charlie Health’s model produces industry-leading clinical outcomes, including higher attendance rates and lower levels of serious mental health symptoms.

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About Charlie Health

Charlie Health, founded in 2020, is the largest virtual-first mental health clinic for teens and young adults who need more than weekly mental health support. Charlie Health provides young people (12-28) struggling with serious mental health disorders personalized Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP) consisting of supported groups, individual therapy, and family therapy. By providing individualized and evidence-based mental health support, Charlie Health ensures that sustainable healing is available to all.


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