C++ Zooms Past Java in Programming Language Popularity Contest

“Java is no longer among the top three most popular programming languages in the TIOBE Index,” reports the Register, “one of several not particularly definitive yardsticks by which such things are measured.”

According to Paul Jansen, CEO of Netherlands-based TIOBE Software, the rising popularity of C++ has pushed Java down a notch. The index’s rankings are now:

– Python in first place
– C second
– C++ third, and
– Java fourth.

C++ stepped up to third, and Java fell to fourth. “C++ surpassed Java for the first time in the history of the TIOBE Index, which means that Java is at position 4 now,” said Jansen in the December update for the TIOBE Index. “This is the first time that Java is not part of the top 3 since the beginning of the TIOBE Index in 2001.”

The surge in C++, perhaps in part helped by the stable release of C++ 20 in December 2020, is particularly ironic in light of the language’s recent dismissal by Microsoft CTO Mark Russinovich, which coincides with industry evangelism for Rust and its capacity for memory safety.
The article points out that other rankings still show a slighty higher popularity for Java.

And ZDNet notes the other languages rising quickly in popularity over the last 12 months:
In a year-on-year comparison in Tiobe’s index, the languages now in the top 20 that made significant gains over the period are: Rust (up from 27 to 20), Objective-C (up from 29 to 19), science-specialized MATLAB (20 to 14), and Google’s Go language (up from 19 to 12).

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