BSD Students Learn Coding, Collaboration and Critical Thinking Skills During Computer Science Week – Bellevue School District

Dani Ward, Bellevue School District’s K-5 Computer Science and Science Curriculum Developer, and Juliet Buder, the Executive Director of the Bellevue Schools Foundation, share more about BSD’s computer science program at the elementary school level.

For the 2022-23 school year, the Bellevue Schools Foundation is supporting our computer science pathway with $140,000 out of the $800,000 funding portfolio. Funding for computer science includes books, curriculum, professional development for teachers, and robotics.

At BSD middle schools, students met with volunteers from Amazon, who talked about STEM career pathways. Students learned about the practical applications of coding with the Calisto Space Tour by Amazon.

Computer Science for All

BSD’s computer science initiative is grounded in the idea of equitable access to computer science for all students. We want all students to see computer science as a potential career path and know that computer science is for everyone. The integration of computer science into the elementary classrooms is a commitment to high-quality instruction – a priority of BSD’s Strategic Plan. We are committed to offering an integrated computer science curriculum for each student that applies computation thinking, programming and physical computing to analyze new problems, build predictive models, and create innovative solutions.

Why is Computer Science Important?

Computer science teaches problem solving and important skills like communication, collaboration and creativity. There are tremendous career opportunities, and computer science is relevant to all career pathways. The Bellevue School District recognizes computer science as increasingly important in today’s world.

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