BlackBerry and Elektrobit Partner to Support Rust Programming Language

BlackBerry Limited and Elektrobit have joined hands to collaborate on integration efforts for supporting the Rust programming language. Rust is a memory-safe language that offers a secure foundation for the automotive industry. Elektrobit and BlackBerry have had a fruitful relationship in the past as well, with a proven track record. Elektrobit has contributed to the code, ensured its quality, and handled project management as well as interaction, among other work. Integrated with BlackBerry® QNX® product portfolio with safety assurance, Rust can change the future of mission-critical software along with software-defined vehicles.

Fulfilling and maintaining functional safety standards has become even more difficult than before, as vehicles now rely heavily on automation and the use of software instead of simply using hardware. Meeting these standards is crucial for having a competitive edge and gaining success in the future. Extending the programming languages from BlackBerry’s developer community to add functionality and complement present programming languages, will allow customers to be at the forefront of digital transformation. Read more


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