Birmingham Lego business helps kids worldwide develop robotic, coding skills

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. (WXYZ) — Adults may not love stepping on them, but LEGO’s play a huge role in every kid’s life.

That’s why a local business specializing in LEGO robotics and game design is taking a step further.

Birmingham-based The Robot Garage is helping kids worldwide develop analytical thinking with at-home kits.

The family-owned business teaches kids engineering, coding, and robotics by letting them get creative with the bricks.

“We are hoping to get our curriculum to more kids, and our goal here at Robot Garage is always to give that first spark of engineering,” said Jonathan Jacobs Owner, The Robot Garage.

That’s why Jonathan and his wife rolled out these subscription-based boxes.

“They are really great in that they allow us to take our classes into the homes. Where kids have an unlimited amount of time,” said Jacobs.

Launched during the pandemic, the service was meant to be a quick and easy way to get LEGOs to kids based locally. But since then, the service has expanded.

“We’ve had people buy these across the country, around the world,” said Jacobs.

Brothers Milan and Howard Thomas get a new box monthly as part of the service.

Howard says building LEGO’s has helped him understand everyday objects.

“The doors at a grocery store, one of the LEGO builds was one of those, it was sliding and helped me understand how the doors worked,” said Howard Thomas.

While Milan loves seeing robots come to life with the help of computer coding.

“If you code a Lego project, if you are trying something or if you have to find the right thing to put down, that could help you with math because you will have to find the right numbers,” said Milan Thomas.

Milan and Howard’s parents say the boxes have also helped their boys’ analytical thinking.

“Because there is a mechanical relationship that you got to build, that they can, if it’s not working, they can troubleshoot and think why it’s not working and be patient,” said Milena and Michael Thomas, Milan and Howard’s parents.

Meanwhile, Milo’s mom Amie can’t believe her son can do things with robotics and coding.

“It will be great to see how it will help him build those skills as he grows older,” said Amie Sweet, Milo’s mom.

There are two types of boxes people can subscribe to:

  • Robot Academy Jr. (Grades 1-3)
  • Young Engineers Workshop (Ages 4-5)
  • Video Game Design Workshop (Grades 3-5)

For more information about Robot Garage, visit

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