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Best Scrum developer certifications

As big tech companies like Twitter and Facebook lay off thousands of programmers, the job market becomes increasingly competitive.

As such, developers who seek gainful employment and top-tier compensation must find ways to set themselves apart from the crowd. One of the ways to do that is to complement your education and work experience with highly in-demand, industry respected certifications.

For Scrum developers who wish to find work on cross-functional and self-managed Agile teams, here are the top 5 Scrum developer certifications to have.

  1. Professional Scrum Developer Certification
  2. Certified Cloud Developer
  3. Certified Java Programmer
  4. Certified DevOps Engineer
  5. Certified Kubernetes Professional

Professional Scrum Developer Certification

Employers want developers who will be immediately productive.

Employers don’t want waste time explaining their software development processes and procedures to new hires.

When a Professional Scrum Developer Certification appears on a programmer’s resume, an employer knows that the application fully understands:

  • The intricacies of iterative and incremental development
  • The importance of the product backlog
  • What to do during the daily Scrum
  • How to participate on a cross-functional team

Relatively few programmers are certified as Scrum developers, so the possession of this certification really makes a resume stand out from the crow.

The developer certifications in Scrum can be obtained by several organizations, but the premier designation comes from

Scrum Commitment and Values

A certified Scrum developer understands the importance of the five, core Scrum values.

Certified cloud developer

Modern software development happens in the cloud.

A productive software developer on a Scrum teams needs to know how to provision cloud-based resources, troubleshoot code in the cloud and overcome cloud-based security and firewall issues.

Employers know that a knowledge of how to develop and manage cloud-based applications is a modern-day requirement. The presence of a cloud developer certification on an applicant’s resume let’s the hiring manager know that you are ready to take full advantage of the benefits cloud computing has to offer a software development team.

All of the major cloud vendors offer a cloud developer certification. Cloud developer certifications from Google, Amazon and Oracle are all held in high regard.

Certified Java Programmer

A software developer on a Scrum team is expected to know how to write code. So every Scrum developer should have a some type of a programming language certification on their resume.

I like to see a Certified Java Programmer designation from Oracle on a resume, even if the target language is Python or JavaScript.

A Java programmer certification proves knowledge of:

  • Programming fundamentals
  • Object-oriented concepts
  • Functional programming
  • Common design patterns

Industry recognized certification in other languages, such C# from Microsoft, will also demonstrate to potential employers that you have a strong grasp of programming fundamentals.

Certified DevOps Engineer

Agile’s highest priority is the continuous delivery of software.

An Agile Scrum developer needs to understand the tool chain that makes continuous delivery happen.

DevOps certifications proves knowledge of that tool chain.

The two most highly coveted DevOps certifications come from Amazon and Google. Both are considered ‘Professional’ designations, which means they go further in depth than introductory or associate certs.

Both the AWS and GCP certifications cover the same breadth of topics, including how to:

  • Implement and manage continuous software delivery systems
  • Integrate with version control tools like Git and GitHub
  • Create resources with infrastructure as code tools like Terraform
  • Deploy monitoring, logging and metrics gathering systems
  • Manage Docker and Kubernetes based deployments at scale

A Scrum developer certified by Amazon or Google as a DevOps Engineer brings a qualification to the table that few other job applicants will have.

Agile and DevOps Differences

The DevOps infinity loop shows an iterative dev process often embraced by Agile teams.

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

A Kubernetes certification is rare, but it’s definitely a plus.

A developer who brings a strong knowledge of cloud-native computing, 12 factor app development and an understanding of the limitations of Docker and Kubernetes will help streamline microservices development and play a key role in any organization’s digital transformation.

The CKAD designation is provided through the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, a highly respected open source organization in the cloud native computing space.

Scrum developers with this certification have proof of competency with:

  • Working with OCI compliant container images from Docker and Podman
  • Building cloud native applications
  • Configuring and securing Docker and Kubernetes based architectures

Every Scrum development team that builds cloud-native applications that get managed at runtime by Kubernetes will be well-served if they have a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer on their team.

Scrum developer certification benefits

In a competitive job market, it is important to do your best to stay ahead of your competition. With these 5 Scrum developer certifications on your resume, you will find your Agile development skills in great demand.

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