Bed Bath & Beyond Mexico Launches Algorithm-Powered Search Personalization Tool

Bed Bath & Beyond Mexico will deploy Algonomy FIND to offer shoppers algorithmically personalized commerce search experiences on its digital store. The platform will integrate with Adobe’s Magento ecommerce platform and leverage real-time shopper behavior to personalize search results.

FIND uses Algonomy’s real-time streaming catalog to help ensure that any changes are indexed in real time and product attributes are always up to date. These functionalities will enable Bed Bath & Beyond Mexico to leverage behavioral data and customer profiles to personalize search results for every shopper.

“With an 86% increase in digital growth last year and twice as many customers buying online, we needed a stronger digital strategy for serving a ‘digital-first’ omnichannel experience,” said Adrian Valenzuela, Chief Digital Officer at Bed Bath & Beyond Mexico in a statement. “Search is no longer just another tool, it’s a key business lever, and a relevant and engaging experience can help our shoppers find what they need and complement in-store assistants online.”

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