Assistive Tech Pioneer FACIL’iti Launches MYdys App at CES 2023 To Help Adults and Children Living With Dyslexia

MYdys enables users with dyslexia to make robust adjustments in real-time to any text captured as a photo on their smartphones

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FACIL’iti, the assistive tech pioneer known for adapting websites for people with disabilities and seniors, has today launched MYdys, its new dyslexia solutions app, at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas. MYdys, an honoree for the CES 2023 Innovation Award, is a first of its kind, free dyslexia app that uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to enable users to customize captured textual content from a variety of mediums and adapt it to suit their needs, creating an inclusive opportunity for the millions of adults and children who live with dyslexia.

Follow QR code for 1 month free of MYdys from the Apple App Store

Follow QR code for 1 month free of MYdys from the Apple App Store

According to the WHO, nearly 800 million people worldwide, including 40 million Americans, have dyslexia, which challenges an individual’s ability to read easily. For those living with dyslexia, even simple everyday tasks ranging from reading the contents of a restaurant menu, a bank statement, legal document, or the text of a teacher’s lesson can become challenges. MYdys will accompany people with dyslexia in their daily lives, allowing them to simply snap a picture of a text on any medium (book, magazine, signage, computer screen, websites, etc.), anywhere and on the go, and customize its display to meet their needs, with personalized features including:

  • Adjustable font size

  • Spacing of words and lines

  • Highlighting and color-coding of letters and numbers most commonly inverted (i.e. “9” and “6”, or “d” and “b”)

  • Translations of 21+ languages (with capabilities for 50+ additional languages in development)

  • Compatibility with complex alphabets such as Latin, Russian and Hebrew (with capabilities for logograms such asJapanese and Chinese in development)

  • Change of background/font color for contrast (based on WCAG 3 Standards), and predefined color themes

  • Voice synthesis of text

Once customizations are initially set-up by a user, they are saved in their device for any future uses. This “1-click” configuration allows for rapid, real-time use, providing a simple user experience to access a complex and robust suite of adjustments. The user then has the ability to save the customized image to their smartphone for later use. From reading signs at an airport, filling out a voting ballot, or simply enjoying the newspaper, MYdys empowers those with dyslexia to live their lives like everyone else, in an inclusive and accessible world.

FACIL’iti is already a staple in the digital accessibility world with its web solution, providing customizable, accessible and inclusive browsing experiences for those with visual, motor or cognitive impairments. FACIL’iti has worked on 500+ websites for its global clients, spanning top consumer brands, financial services, healthcare providers, universities and governments. FACIL’iti’s assistive technology, developed with experts and users, offers more than 1,200 tailor-made adaptations to support the one fourth of internet users who experience difficulties browsing.

“From the success and widespread global adoption of our web solution, it has been clear to us that there is a need for greater accessibility and inclusivity when it comes to online browsing, but we wanted to help those with offline day-to-day challenges as well,” said Frédéric Sudraud, FACIL’iti CEO. “With MYdys, we are making a tangible difference and improving everyday experiences for those with dyslexia, providing them with more autonomy in accessing general information in all of their activities, whether they be professional, educational, or leisure.”

MYdys is now available for free download from the Apple App Store and will be available from the Google Play Store starting in February 2023. All users will have access to 30 scans per month on the free version. A paid Discovery Offer will include 600 scans per month for $2.99 and a Premium Offer will include 10,000 scans per month for $5.99. More information about MYdys, including a demo, can be found here.

About FACIL’iti

FACIL’iti is an innovative digital accessibility solution that adapts the display of a website according to the user’s needs for visual, motor and/or cognitive comfort. Based in France, FACIL’iti was launched in 2018 with the idea that websites should be accessible to all, including those with a wide range of disabilities. The company has since worked to make 500+ websites accessible for its global clients (Lacoste, Kenzo, Clarins, LVMH, Reflex Group, Sephora Events, etc.), winning many awards and holding a BCorp certification along the way. FACIL’iti has over 2 million users worldwide.

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MYdys, the new mobile dyslexia solution from FACIL'iti

MYdys, the new mobile dyslexia solution from FACIL’iti

FACIL'iti Logo

FACIL’iti Logo



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