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Dries Vints and Rias Van der Veken launched Eventy, a new event platform aimed at connecting the dots between speakers, user groups, conferences, and attendees.

Dries and Rias are event organizers. They know firsthand how difficult it can be to connect all the different parts of organizing any event, like conferences or local user groups. From this, they started thinking about creating a platform to solve many of these common frustrations and building something that would help everyone involved.

They are launching a speakers module aimed at making speakers’ lives easier. With this, speakers have a central place where they can keep track of their talks and workshops, create a public speaker profile, share their talk slides, and get visibility in a public search. As a bonus, event organizers can use the public search to find speakers for their next event.

A public speaker profile provides you with all the info an event needs to know about you. Where you are from, your bio, how to contact you (if they’re available to speak at the time), and your current offerings of talks and workshops. As a speaker, you can hide specific talks or workshops you don’t want to share or even disable your entire speaker profile.

The speakers’ module will be free for all. Eventy wants to empower speakers with tools you can use to help you with your speaking career, whether you’re a seasoned speaker or only just beginning. That’s why they are opening up the speakers’ module to everyone, free of charge.

In the future, Eventy aims to become a platform that connects all parts of the event experience, making it a powerful platform where you can share information, build communities, communicate with each other, and so much more.

You can sign up right now and start building your speaker profile if you’re a speaker. Add your talks and share them through a public link. If you have slides for your talk, upload them to share them after or even before you give a talk.

If you’re an event organizer, you can use the public search to find your next speaker for your event. Then, contact them through the contact link on their profile.

Keep an eye on the Eventy Twitter and subscribe to their newsletter to stay in the loop on new product updates and announcements.

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