AIHCON Now Provides Revenue Cycle Management Services

The Fresh-meadows based digital healthcare consulting firm offers Revenue Cycle Management services now.

FRESH MEADOWS, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2023 / — AIHCON, a leading digital healthcare consulting firm, now offers Revenue Cycle Management services. This new service will streamline and automate the revenue cycle management processes by connecting all key players in the process, including financial institutions and service providers.

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the process of managing revenue and cost of care, including collecting payments from patients, completing claims processing, and billing providers.

RCM services provide additional benefits to both patients and providers:

● Providers receive more accurate billings for their services. This can help them avoid financial losses associated with missed payments or incorrect charges on existing bills.

● Patients have access to timely information about their medical history so they can make informed decisions about treatment options based on those facts rather than relying solely on what is being told by physicians or other health professionals.

RCM services are essential for any healthcare setup. Since more parties are involved in reimbursement in the healthcare industry than in other sectors, the revenue cycle process is more complicated. AIHCON aims to provide its providers with the confidence that their billing and coding practices follow best practices and comply with quality codes.

As a provider, use can the software as an integrated solution to improve organization’s efficiency while ensuring that all parties involved in billing or reimbursement comply with industry standards. It’ll provide everything needed to get paid: creation of account receivables; medical coding/billing claims processing; real-time eligibility verification; automatic payment management processes through our proprietary gateway platform at no extra cost!

AIHCON’s cloud-based solution provides revenue cycle management services by eliminating the risk of unknowingly committing wrong ICD 10 Codes and CPT codes to avoid errors and fraud in claim submission.

ICD 10 Codes are used by health care providers when writing out diagnoses for patients so they can be accurately billed based on their condition. CPT Codes are used by many doctors as well as pharmacies when submitting claims for medications purchased from these providers!

“We can help by posting your new fees, opening a new payer, or submitting authorizations. Our staff’s expertise in patient-centered medical home certification and certified patient-centered medical home can help you choose the right payment model for your office practice. We can also help virtually with credentialing, billing, and coding.” said the company spokesperson.

AIHCON provides various services like credentialing & contracting, virtual practice assistance, quality incentive payment, HEDIS measures, transitional care management, and comprehensive diabetic care.


AIHCON is an all-inclusive healthcare Omni network that allows users to manage their entire patient care process online. The company provides services to patients and providers in the US through its website, software applications, and phone support.

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