Acsia Tech partners Sabaton Systems for Rust programming language

Automotive software firm Acsia Technologies has partnered with Sabaton Systems Llp for Rust progamming language.

Rust, considered globally as ‘the programming language of the future’, offers several career opportunities for automotive engineering students.

The company has introduced Rust-based software platform for automotive electronic control units (ECU) and IoT. Rust is increasingly used by developers globally — including Microsoft, Google, AWS, and Huawei.

Acsia and Sabaton have also opened a centre of excellence for the development of Rust-based automotive products. The centre will work alongside engineering colleges in Kerala to innovate new designs.

“In this era of software-defined vehicles, ever-increasing software complexity is a pain point, our customers seek solutions for. By adopting the versatile Rust platform to the automotive domain, we want to bring down the development costs by focusing on bug fixing and memory-related functionality, while making the process enjoyable for the developer, because the journey matters as much as the destination,” Jijimon Chandran, Founder & CEO, Acsia Technologies, said.

“We have been in the forefront of researching and developing a Rust-based software platform for automotive and IoT devices. Rust addresses almost 70 per cent of the security issues we currently face when using [programming languages] C and C++,” Sojan James, Founder, Sabaton Systems Llp, said.   

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