A Redesigned Artisan Serve Command in Laravel 9.22

The Laravel team released 9.22 with a redesigned artisan serve command, a fluent file validation rule builder, and more. Let’s take a look at all the goodness in the latest Laravel 9 release:

Fluent file validation rule

Luke Downing contributed a File validation rule object that provides a fluent interface like the Password validation rule:

1// Before


3 'file' => ['required', 'file', 'mimes:mp3,wav,aac', 'max:12287'],

4 'image' => ['required', 'file', 'image', 'min:2048', 'max:12287', Rule::dimensions()->maxWidth(1000)->maxHeight(500)],



7// After


9 'file' => ['required', File::types(['mp3', 'wav', 'aac'])->smallerThan(12 * 1024)],

10 'image' => ['required', File::image()->atLeast(2 * 1024)->smallerThan(12 * 1024)->dimensions(Rule::dimensions()->maxWidth(1000)->maxHeight(500))],


Pull Request #43271 has more details about the available methods. Also, the validation documentation has details on validating files using the new fluent rule builder.

Improved Artisan serve command

On the heels of the fresh Look for Artisan, Nuno Maduro contributed an improved artisan serve command:

New artisan serve comparison

Check out Pull Request #43375 for more screenshots and details about these changes.

Attach an array of files in MailMessage

Delowar Hossain and Tim MacDonald collaborated on an attachMany() method for mail messages:


2 '/forge.svg',

3 '/vapor.svg' => ['as' => 'Vapor Logo.svg', 'mime' => 'text/css'],

4 new class() implements Attachable

5 {

6 public function toMailAttachment()

7 {

8 return Attachment::fromPath('/foo.jpg')->as('bar')->withMime('image/png');

9 }

10 },


Note that you can also call attach() multiple times—this method was added as a convenience when you want to attach them in one call with an array format.

Add conditional lines to a mail message

El Shino contributed the ability to conditionally add a line to a mail message:

1// With a conditional

2$message->line('Your order has been canceled');

3if ($this->amount > 0) {

4 $message->line("The refunded amount is {$this->amount}");



7// Using lineIf

8$message->line('Your order has been canceled')

9 ->lineIf($this->amount > 0, "The refunded amount is {$this->amount}");

Support for multiple hash algorithms in Filesystem

Douglas Medeiros contributed support for various hash algorithms in the Filesystem. You can now specify a hash algo as an optional second argument:


2// 196b0f14eba66e10fba74dbf9e99c22f => default md5


4File::hash($path, 'sha256')

5// 19c451aedfb24c338a9a2a5c31d553ed77e7cdefc655035f390176ac24066051

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 9.21.0 and 9.22.1 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Added unique locking to broadcast events (#43416)


  • Fixes Artisan serve command on Windows (#43437)



  • Added ability to attach an array of files in MailMessage (#43080)
  • Added conditional lines to MailMessage (#43387)
  • Add support for multiple hash algorithms to Illuminate/Filesystem/Filesystem::hash() (#43407)


  • Fixes for model:show when attribute default is an enum (#43370)
  • Fixed DynamoDB locks with 0 seconds duration (#43365)
  • Fixed overriding global locale (#43426)


  • Round milliseconds in console output runtime (#43400)
  • Improves serve Artisan command (#43375)

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