5 Great Sites for Programming Humor

Programming is tough, and it’s not every minute that you’re solving problems. Taking some good time off the code can be important if you’ve been struggling to solve a given issue for hours.

During such moments, you can go on a walk, or if the weather isn’t good, browse the internet for the best programming memes that can give you a much-needed break. Here are the best sites for programming humor when you need your daily dose of laughter.

A screenshot of CommitStrip's website

CommitStrip is one of the oldest sites on the internet dedicated to programming memes. With its programming and technology comics archive going far back as 2012, CommitStrip is one of the best places for coding humor. The site goes the extra mile by making original art to pass the message around.

Although the site is not updated daily, you’ll certainly appreciate the originality of CommitStrip relative to alternative options. As such, you’ll enjoy the site’s old posts most of the time. The site mainly follows trending topics or whatever the team behind finds interesting in their line of work.

MonkeyUser.com website screenshot

MonkeyUser is an alternative to CommitStrip for those who like comic-style programming memes. Like CommitStrip, MonkeyUser makes its art albeit simplistic but still manages to get the humor across. Posts are not made daily due to the originality aspect, but the site has an archive that you can browse whenever you want some humor.

A screenshot of Reddit's r/ProgrammerHumor subreddit

Reddit is always a great place to check for nearly everything you can think of. This is mainly due to the way Reddit works. There are many subreddits, even those dedicated to some peculiar things. And surely, you can’t miss a dedicated subreddit for programming memes. For coding memes, the best subreddit is r/ProgrammerHumor.

In this subreddit, you’ll never miss daily humor relating to programming. It has over two million users with thousands of daily active users, so the subreddit is always full of programming jokes.

Programmerhumor.io website screenshot

Programmerhumor.io is one of the best-organized websites for programming jokes. Everything is organized into a category. It has a variety of categories, including backend, frontend, and testing, to specific languages like JavaScript, Python, and PHP, making it easier to filter memes.

The team updates the site daily, so you’ll always find something fresh when you visit. The only caveat is the memes are not original, so you may find jokes you’ve already seen elsewhere. Either way, due to the posting frequency, you’ll always find something you haven’t seen before.

9Gag's programming humor section screenshot

9Gag is one of the funniest websites for humor on the web. As one of the websites dedicated to internet meme lovers, it only makes sense that there’s also a dedicated section for programming memes. The way 9Gag works is by letting users upload funny images on the platform.

Because of the community focus, the website is always full of new posts. And, like Reddit, others can upvote, downvote and even comment on a post.

Easily Find Programming Memes Online

Finding programming memes online shouldn’t be a daunting task; there are great sites and communities online dedicated to that. You can find daily programming humor on r/ProgrammerHumor, Programmerhummor.io, or 9Gag’s dedicated section for coding-related memes. If you want originals, go to CommitStrip or MonkeyUser, although the two sites don’t post as often as other sites.

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