46% Of Developers Utilize NodeJS Worldwide

46% Of Developers Utilize NodeJS Worldwide
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Many online businesses are earning a significant profit through rising sales. People have bolstered the usage of solutions, loaded and built using numerous frameworks and tech stacks. If we talk about frameworks, then apps created using NodeJS are gaining a significant rise, as numerous ventures have turned to its capabilities to develop many renowned brands.

In addition, developers also find NodeJS as the most convenient framework for creating applications. 46.31% of developers utilize it worldwide. Due to such requirements among programmers, downloads have exceeded a figure of 1 billion, according to 2018 statistics. Apps built on NodeJS are achieving increasing popularity among users worldwide, highlighting a strong need among developers and entrepreneurs alike.

So in order to employ its uses for yourself, you must approach the development firms, hire NodeJS programmers, and get a suitable application created. However, a few mistakes might occur while appointing them, leading to harsh outcomes for your enterprise. Here are some of the mistakes that you can avoid as an entrepreneur during appointing NodeJS developers for creating your business solution, and some benefits of hiring them. Considering each of those sections will help you create your perfect application by appointing programmers from a specific company whilst minimizing risk.

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Perks of building NodeJS applications by hiring developers

As an entrepreneur, you can gain significant benefits from creating an application for your business by hiring NodeJS programmers from a specific firm. One of the positive points of hiring developers to build a NodeJS solution is the load time of apps can be reduced by up to 40+ minutes.

Faster delivery of solutions

NodeJS framework is easier to learn and adapt for programmers. The developers you appoint can likely deliver the desired solution for your venture rapidly, as they can start working on your project almost immediately. But for that, you need to hire developers who are well-versed in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc. Such programmers will be able to understand the code structure of NodeJS easily.


Getting an app created by hiring NodeJS developers will give you access to a vast community of qualified developers. The programmers from all over will be able to connect with each other, as NodeJS is an open-source programming language. So, you can appoint experienced and knowledgeable developers from a vast community of programmers. As per the statistics of 2022, there are about 46.31% of developers utilize NodeJS worldwide, which denotes a large community of programmers across the globe.

Saves money

As NodeJS is easy to grasp for developers, you will get a solution created within a shorter period. So you can save a considerable amount of money by appointing experienced and skilled developers from the large community of programmers, as discussed earlier. In addition, the frontend and backend interfaces of a solution can be developed from a single programming language which will mitigate the need to hire numerous NodeJS developers.

Chatbot development

Knowledgeable and skilled programmers also provide the services of implementing various other features. As a startup owner, you can get a chatbot built that engages with the responses to consumers’ queries and makes them feel human-like in conversation. It will also help you by responding appropriately to users, which would increase the customer retention ratio of your app and business simultaneously.


4 mistakes to avoid while appointing NodeJS programmers

Hiring NodeJS developers is not an easy task for startup owners, as they need to keep an eye on several things by which they would get a helpful solution for their enterprises. Hence, some of the mistakes you must avoid as an entrepreneur while appointing developers are mentioned below:

Inadequate research

Before hiring NodeJS programmers, you must thoroughly analyze the market. This will help you understand your venture’s exact requirements. Most entrepreneurs make incorrect decisions by just keeping a cost factor in their mind. They just appoint NodeJS developers of a specific company that costs lesser fees to deliver an application. Due to this mistake, they received a solution built with low-quality standards. As an entrepreneur, you can avoid such mistakes by checking the portfolio of a specific firm, industry experience, reviews, and ratings given by previous customers.

Neglecting efficient code writing

Writing efficient code is an essential parameter that decides the growth of your project. The majority of startup owners don’t consider one element while hiring NodeJS developers, whether they are capable of writing understandable code or not. Appointing a programmer who writes complex code that is only understandable by them will obstruct the team’s productivity. As a result, the success rate of a project will be affected significantly. It is because other developers in a team are required to understand and update the same program. So, it’s a must to appoint NodeJS developers who can write easy-to-digest code for any developer on the team.

Setting improper budget

Fixing an appropriate budget is crucial for any startup owner. It will assist you in avoiding unnecessary expenses during appointing NodeJS developers from a specific company. Setting a budget that is too high for fulfilling particular requirements of your business, or an extremely low one may give you a solution that hinders your enterprise’s growth. So, if you feel that your budget matches either of these two examples there are a few options to consider. You can mitigate them by knowing the development location of the programmer’s team, the app’s complexity, the number of NodeJS developer’s tenants, and development time amongst other things.

Avoiding testing

People always prefer utilizing such solutions that have minimal to no bugs. Such applications can be optimized by testing them from every possible angle. Neglecting the testing procedure would lead to your solution getting uninstalled and people disengaging. Thus, the solution to retain users is to detect and remove all the issues occurring inside. It is essential to perform testing of an application when you receive it from the developers, regardless of the firm.

By avoiding and taking care of the specific mistakes discussed above, you, as a startup owner, can hire dedicated NodeJS developers from a technological firm to get a solid application for your enterprise ready. 

Summing up

Hopefully, the content above has given you some insight into the suitability and versatility of NodeJS for creating business applications. Many enterprises have turned into renowned brands, as their solutions are built with it. So, if you are motivated to develop a NodeJS application for your enterprise built by hiring developers of renowned firms, it’s worth keeping these perks and mistakes in mind.

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