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Do you need some new activities to help teach, review, or reinforce the learning of decimals? Whether you are teaching kids to add, subtract, multiply, or divide numbers in decimal form, these fun and engaging activities will be excellent resources for you to utilize. They will help to create a strong understanding of decimals both in mathematical operations and general money sense and hopefully be the key to unlocking a strong foundation for this math concept.

1. Decimal Diner

Teach students real-life scenarios where they will encounter decimals using this fun dinner activity. Kids will choose menu items to create problems, as well as answer the word problems for some independent practice with decimals.

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2. Christmas Math

Searching for a holiday-themed activity for decimals? Have students join in on the Christmas spirit with this cute decimal math center that translates to color coding as they color in the pictures with a math color-coding system that correlates to the answer. 

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3. In the Box

Hosting a math party? Need to review decimal multiplication? This card toss game will help kids have a good time whilst they practice multiplying with decimals. They toss in a card and are required to multiply the card number by whatever box the card lands in.

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4. Trading Places

Check out this fun and interesting way to utilize playing cards! Introduce students to the idea of cents and what comes after the decimal by having them draw a card and compare to see who can make the biggest number in cents. 

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5. Online Word-to-Decimal Notation Game

4th and 5th graders will enjoy this online game as a review or as a practice for turning decimal words into decimal notations. Integrate 21st-century learning and utilize an engaging platform like this to help kids learn and improve their skills.

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6. Model Representation

Another fun online game to help kids practice and hopefully grasp the concept of fractions. This game includes virtual manipulatives that kids can use to represent the variety of fractions they are presented with. 

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7. Intro to Decimals Video

Set the stage for a solid lesson on decimals with this engaging and helpful video which answers that all-impending decimal question: What is a decimal? Introduce students to decimals so they have background knowledge prior to diving into work.

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8. Comparing Decimals

Comparing decimals is one of the hardest concepts to learn, but with a little practice, and a lot of patience, it can be done! Help increase confidence in math by using this comparative decimal worksheet.

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9. Word Problems

Students can never have enough practice with word problems, and that is why including practice worksheets is extremely important. Students will need both math and reading comprehension to understand these equations.

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10. Math Blaster

Elementary students will love being able to play actual games along with their new decimal math knowledge in this gaming app called Math Blaster. Each sharpshooter game can be customized to include whatever math concept the teacher is teaching.

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11. Hotel Decimalformia

Kids can practice addition and subtraction of decimals as they keep up with the characters in the game to figure out what room number to take each guest to. Fun and challenging for students; this game is certainly one you’ll want in your back pocket.

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12. Decimals of the Caribbean

Students will shoot cannons at decimal numbers to get the correct answers as they swashbuckle their way across the Caribbean; solving decimal problems and having a good time learning. 

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13. Decimals to Fractions Song

Help your students connect decimals and fractions with this toe-tapping and fun video! This video will help them understand the foundations of decimals that will aid them in 5th grade and beyond. 

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14. Decimal Sliders

Turn these place value sliders into decimal sliders to bring to life the idea of decimals. Students will use these visual models to help incorporate the tangible concept of decimals. As an added bonus, the interactive version of this manipulative is very helpful for ESE students.

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15. Place Value Kite

Another fun visual manipulative, kids will enjoy creating these frayer-like models with all forms of the numbers represented. These would be fun bell ringers or math openers to help kids practice writing the various ways that decimals can be represented.

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