12 Best JavaScript Blogs Every Developer Must Keep an Eye on

No matter whether you’re a newbie in the web-development space or have years of experience in JavaScript coding, staying up to date with the latest trends in the technological world can become a bit overwhelming. With millions of JavaScript blogs scattered over the web, knowing which ones deliver the most up-to-date information, new standards, and solutions for access to complex problems is challenging, so make sure to hire a JavaScript developer to get the job done for you.

To help you find some of the best JavaScript blogs, we’ve curated a list of the 12 best blogs in this post. Keeping an eye on these blogs in the ever-changing development environment will help you remain ahead of the competition. 

#1 SitePoint

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SitePoint touts itself as a platform “for web professionals, by web professionals.” If you consider yourself a web-connected individual (either a newbie or an experienced developer), you’re most welcome! 

SitePoint has an exciting foundation history. Around 21 years ago, SitePoint was founded by a duo, Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle, and initially, the company’s business model was based on sponsorships and advertising sales. Following the collapse of the dot-com boom, the company looked toward becoming an online learning platform for developers. 

Trusted by over 100,000 developers from Microsoft, Shopify, Stanford University, and 99designs, this master bundle of an information gateway has become the best source to learn tutorials and other useful content around web development. 

With 526.1K in monthly traffic, SitePoint is stunningly gaining hype in the marketplace for providing well-structured and up-to-date JavaScript blogs with tech talks, over 600 books, and useful courses. 

Let us give you a little piece of advice: If you love exploring a huge library of books, reading fresh content, and engaging yourself with an active community of developers, this blogging site is just perfect for you.    

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Image Source: Sitepoint

#2 Smashing Magazine 

The name Smashing Magazine itself means a smashing hub for books, articles, guides, and workshops on JavaScript and other technologies. Founded by Sven Lennartz and Vitaly Friedman as part of the German-based Smashing Media AG, Smashing Magazine now has become one of the most active and prominent publishers of web-development resources.

With 3M monthly pageviews, 499.6K in monthly traffic, 2M unique visitors, 988K+ Twitter followers, 257K subscribers on Feedly, and 196K+ newsletter subscribers as a Smashing family, the platform is exploding like a volcano in the development landscape.  

If you want to boost your JavaScript coding skills, exploring the most up-to-date topics, books, and articles would be a game-changer. 

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Image Source: Smashing Magazine

#3 Josh W. Comeau

Meet another one of the renowned personalities who pursued his career as a blogger. Josh W. Comeau writes interactive and playful blogs on JavaScript and many other technologies that you can enjoy while having a cup of tea. 

With 34.4K in monthly traffic, this site has become the most informative source for developers. You’ll find very intriguing and inspiring material, whether it’s about JavaScript, HTML, React, Animation, or NextJS. He also offers tutorials, snippets, goodies, and articles on the latest tools and resources. 

This blog site is a beautiful resource for staying on top of the technologies for both beginners and seasoned developers. 

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Image Source: Josh W. Comeau

#4 David Walsh

Another prominent individual on our list, David Joseph Walsh, is an Irish sports journalist and head sportswriter for the British newspaper The Sunday Times. He has received five different awards, and today he offers out-of-the-box and updated information on JavaScript, React, Node, and many other technologies. 

With 28.8K in monthly traffic, 83.6K Twitter Followers, 7.9K fans, and 3.7K Github followers, the David Walsh Blog is helping developers and organizations troubleshoot the errors they encounter during the development process. Apart from that, this site has become the most preferred source of information with regular blogs, demos, tutorials, and features. 

If you’ve been longing to read the best blogs on website designing and tutorials on JavaScript, give this site a try. You’ll learn something new every day. 

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Image Source: David Walsh

#5 Daily Dev Tips

Now it’s time to introduce you to another outstanding individual on our list: Chris Bongers. He is a web developer, author, solution architect, and, as he says, “lover of his lovely wife and puppy.

He has diverse work experience as a full-stack WordPress developer, a PHP Symfony developer, and a regular full-stack developer. Above all, he enjoys writing technical tutorials, walkthrough guides, and posts on technological updates in a great, straightforward, and understandable manner. He delivers the most up-to-date information about JavaScript and many other technologies, such as NextJS, currently trending in the community. 

With 13.6K in monthly traffic and 5,370 Twitter followers, Daily Dev Tips is making a good name for itself as a provider of the latest information on technology and everything happening around it.  

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Image Source: Daily Dev Tips

#6 Kent C. Dodds

There has never been a better way to learn about web development than with the help of great articles from Kent C. Dodds. He is an awesome sports enthusiast, and when he isn’t hanging out with his family or working on the computer, you can find him cruising around on his Onewheel or hitting the slopes on his snowboard. 

On top of all that, he is a passionate writer who regularly publishes instructive and delightful articles on JavaScript and various other technologies to assist people in making the coding world a better place. With 13K in monthly traffic, his site has become one of the best resources to keep up with the new trends and updates in JavaScript. 

If you’re having difficulty keeping up with JavaScript, his website is the one-stop shop for everything you need to build JavaScript-based apps.

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Image Source: Kent C. Dodds

#7 Ben Nadel

Welcome another fabulous personality who is known to provide “The Ultimate Technology Solutions” through his exclusive blogs. 

Ben strives to share in-depth knowledge on web development with each of his publications. He feels that developing his abilities as a developer demands time, an intense quest for information, and the help of others. Currently, he is providing valuable insights to developers with 6.6K in monthly traffic on his site, 22.1K Twitter followers, and 2K GitHub followers. 

The reasons behind his popularity are endless, but for one, his blogs are typically in a question-and-answer format. Every week, he posts multiple blog items on JavaScript, Node.js, SQL, CSS, and other topics of web-application development and so on.

If you want to expand your knowledge with limited time and resources, join Ben Nadel; he will make your coding life easier.

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Image Source: Ben Nadel

#8 Michael Herman

Michael Herman is Monitaur’s co-founder and lead engineer. He’s an expert at moving products from an idea to completion using his full-stack expertise and architectural knowledge. On a personal note, he is passionate about engineering education and development. 

What’s more exciting is the fact that he founded TestDriven Labs, a platform that teaches test-driven development microservices and AWS infrastructure to mid-level developers. On top of that, he has also co-founded Real Python and led a team of three at Galvanize, teaching full-stack JavaScript. 

With 5.8K monthly visitors to his site, he is presently assisting developers in staying updated about what’s going on in the industry with his blogs. 

If you’re in search of someone who can describe complex programming languages in a simple format, then he is the one to follow. 


Image Source: Michael Herman

#9 Stefan Judis 

Meet Stefan Judis, who writes, speaks, and streams about web technology. Whether you just need highlights of the recent updates in the technology or resources and tutorials on how to configure codes easily to make your coding a breeze, Stefan Judis is the man you can rely on to get the best solutions. 

With 3.5K monthly traffic on his site along with 9,144 Twitter and 781 GitHub followers, he is providing out-of-the-box resources, screencasts, talks, articles, and newsletters to help the vast community of developers overcome the challenges they regularly face.  

If you want to learn something new every week, join him to start your week with fresh, quick-to-read web-development lessons, robust GitHub projects; productivity tips; and music to keep you going. 

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Image Source: Stefan Judis

#10 John Papa 

John Papa is the next blogger you must get to know if you are on the hunt for the best JavaScript blogs. He is a passionate author who works in developer relations for Pluralsight and writes courses for them. Apart from that, he is an active contributor to OSS (Operations Support Systems) as a professional storyteller and web technologist. 

You will often find him speaking and instructing at various events worldwide, including AngleBrackets, ngConf, and TechEd/Ignite, in keynotes, sessions, and workshops. You can also listen to him on Real Talk JavaScript’s popular weekly podcast. Today, with 2.5K in monthly traffic and 100.7K Twitter followers, John Papa is helping the community of developers and product owners to understand their block points while offering the best solutions. 

If you love implementing new ideas and turning them into a reality, then this guy can be the best mentor for you to learn everything quickly in one spot.  

Image Source: John Papa

#11 Swizec Teller

Want to become a high-value JavaScript expert? This writer is worth following. Swizec Teller is admired for his simple writing. 

It’s not a cakewalk for everyone to get a “real” engineering job while dreaming about FAANG. But he made it possible! He landed a high-six-figure job and made a lot of cash in Silicon Valley with his hard work and out-of-the-box efforts.

Now, he is showing you what he has learned in terms of both technical knowledge and mindset. He runs React workshops regularly and provides interactive modern React JavaScript write-ups to help others grow while moving their careers to the next level.  

Inspired? Join Swizec Teller now and improve your career, just like those 14,000 engineers who attended his workshops, read his blogs, and participated in talks. 

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Image Source: Swizec Teller

#12 Lee Robinson

Meet yet another renowned author on the list. Lee Robinson is the director of developer relations at Vercel. Is that all? No, he is a writer who helps developers build a faster web, as well as a mentor who teaches them about web development, serverless, and React/NextJS. 

With his featured posts on JavaScript covering style guides and tutorials, he is helping developers learn what’s new in the technology so they can grow their careers the way they want. With 18.4K subscribers and 29.2K Twitter, and 4.2K GitHub followers, he has created an interactive ecosystem for developers to learn something new every day. 

If you want to stay up to date on his latest work, sign up for his newsletter! He hits the newsletter regularly to send an update once a month to his valuable readers. 

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Image Source: Lee Robinson

Wrap Up

Finally, we’ve come to an end. If you are stuck somewhere while developing an app or feel like you’re missing out on recent updates and information, then make your way to any of the aforementioned blogs, and we bet you’ll find the resources to become a better developer. If we’ve missed any of the best blog writers on our list, feel free to share in the comments. 

But, if you want to connect the dots of Javascript and stay a step ahead of the competition, FusionCharts has some really cool Javascript charts to help you draw the right trajectory. 

Read well and become the best!

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