10 Most-Popular Programming Languages to Learn As per Tiobe Index

by December 9, 2022

Most-Popular Programming Languages

These are the 10 most-popular programming languages to learn and are in the top place in Tiobe Index

Using these 10 Most-Popular Programming Languages, IT professionals to execute a range of activities and projects, such as online applications and video games. There are many languages available for use in your personal or professional life if that is something you are interested in. You may utilize your industry-specific skills and be qualified for a range of software development professions by knowing which programming languages to learn

But it is best to learn the programming Languages to learn as per Tiobe Index since it indicates the top most programming languages that are highly used and are recommended.

What is the Tiobe index?

The Netherlands-based TIOBE Software BV, which is based in Eindhoven, devised and maintains the TIOBE programming community index as a metric for programming language popularity. The index is determined by counting how many times the name of the language appears in search engine results. The index includes Wikipedia, YouTube, MSN, Yahoo!, Baidu, Google Blogs, and Google. 

Once in every month, the index is updated. The long-term statistical data is for sale, while the current information is available for free. The index can be used to check whether your programming skills are still up to date or to make a strategic decision about what programming language should be adopted when starting to build a new software system.


Let us know, the 10 Most-Popular Programming Languages to Learn As per Tiobe Index:

  1. Python:The Python programming language index, where it ranked first as it has in the past, has experienced the most growth over the last five years. According to Tiobe, Python is becoming more and more commonplace after sweeping through colleges and the business sector. This is because it is simple to understand, utilize, and learn.
  2. C:  It has the most existing efficient libraries and source code due to its age and longevity. The most hyper-efficient way to do almost anything using C is already included in the STL library because it has been done and rewritten so many times.
  3. C++: C++ reached a high and entered the top three programming languages. The release of C++20 is one factor that could be behind the renewed interest in C++.
  4. Java: Java is now ranked fourth in the TIOBE index after C++ overtook Java for the first time. Java is both a platform and a programming language. Programming with Java is high-level, reliable, object-oriented, and secure.
  5. C#: The C# programming language supports variables, data, object-oriented programming, code structures, and classes. To enable you to run basic C#.NET programs independently, the goal is to get you up and running with a practical understanding of C#.
  6. Visual Basic:Using the object-oriented programming language Visual Basic (VB), programmers can create a variety of safe and reliable apps that interact with the .NET Framework. The Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the.NET Framework, offer better security and language interoperability. 
  7. JavaScript:JavaScript is the most widely used programming language for creating interactive web pages on both the client and server sides. It is mostly utilized to create webpages and web-based programs. Making dynamic and interactive websites: The web pages are made dynamic and interactive using JavaScript.
  8. SQL:The programming language used by relational databases like MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Postgre, etc., is called SQL. SQL is not used by other non-relational databases, commonly known as NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, DynamoDB, etc. Although SQL has an ISO standard, the majority of implementations have a little bit of a different syntax. Consequently, we can run into queries that operate in SQL Server but not in MySQL.
  9. Assembly Language:Programmers can create machine-like code that is nearly human-readable with the aid of assembly language. Because machine language is essentially a collection of numbers, it is challenging to comprehend and understand. A computer’s tasks can be completely controlled with the use of assembly language.
  10. PHP:Many developers use PHP, an open-source server-side programming language, to create websites. In addition, it is a general-purpose language that you can employ to create a variety of tasks, such as Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).


These are the 10 Most-Popular Programming Languages that are top place in Tiobe Index which indicates that are highly searched in the search engine and are mostly used by programmers. 

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