1-month free AI-driven Math and Programming class at Musicworks Canada

1-month free AI-driven Math and Programming class at Musicworks Canada

Maximize learning efficiency with Artificial Intelligence

Under the impact of the pandemic, students are moved to the next grade without solid academic foundations. To narrow the learning gap, Musicworks Canada now offers AI-driven Math and Coding programs that allow students to strengthen their key fundamentals in a fun and efficient way by identifying and targeting their weaknesses.

We believe different children have different ways of learning. It is important to recognize and address weaknesses. To do so,of all our methods, we evaluate first. We then help students in our curriculum to analyze the core of the learning topic and make the initial steps a knee-jerk action, allowing students to step up and focus on more than just the most basic elements.

For students with difficulties, we correct their mistakes in REAL time. Our learning app will identify errors on the spot, so simple mistakes are less likely to evolve into habits.

To ensure our kids are competitive globally, we adopted an international coding learning system – QUREO – which is easy for young students to learn while the material is still challenging enough. More than just understanding, students are able to apply the computer language practically.

Despite the latest cutting-edge technology, we found that students who participated with parents performed much better academically. Join Musicworks Canada’s 1-month free Math and Coding classes with your children, together to optimize our learning process.

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