Technology2☀️AMC Nets write-off up to half a Billion $$, Programming removals ahead


Mornin! This is Sean McNulty (connect here on LINKED IN if ya like) and here’s the Hollywood + Media news to know on FRIDAY December 2, 2022.

Where it’s been a while since we had a Friday Morning Coffee ☕️ together and… after the week we had, I’ll look the other way while you make them Irish.

But perhaps the beans will be Brazilian at Gisele’s new house in Sunrise, FL… just a short boat ride away from Tom’s compound in “Billionaire Bunker”.

#Funfact: This newsletter is written in “Thousandaire Town”. But – not bad for a cool $11.5 Million.

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SHARING IS CARING: Nice to see HBOMAX returning the favor to AMAZON by advertising on Thursday Night Football last night, after AMAZON did some nice pre-roll Ads on HBOMAX for “LOTR” at the end of the Summer.

ALSO: The NY Film Critics Circle announces their awards today. They should be on this page when they go up.

PLUS: DISNEY+ will drop “The Mandalorian” Season 3 on March 1.

AND: THR rounded up the initial critics reviews for “Emancipation” into one link, seems mixed is the takeaway mainly due to a sparse script, but some like Variety are very high on it.

Wakeup BOX OFFICE Poll: Just one wide new entry… UNI has “Violent Night” tracking about $10 to $12 Million – there is some feeling this could surprise on a quiet weekend so…

OH!: Boy genius here forgot to post the results from last week’s poll: ya’ll nailed “Strange Adventure” with 62% making the right call, it didn’t even make half of the mid-way point of its tracking.

  • A breakdown of CNN changes, and the groups affected by the layoffs

  • Just when you thought there weren’t any more DISNEY details of note…

  • AMAZON signs top NETFLIX horror series team

  • AMC NETWORKS looks to write off up to $475 Million due to the huge austerity measures… a look at the numbers which signal a lot more news is ahead outside of just layoffs

  • TWITTER turns to essentially a December BOGO offer for Advertisers

  • GANNETT enacts job cuts, SIRIUS XM has them on the horizon

  • A look at all the new things to watch this weekend, some big new Movie trailers and more.

I mean when you have an opportunity to use a gif like this… via Giphy

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